Wireless inner-ear headphones


    XX Truly Wireless headphones with ultimate Bass Sound

    XX Series Truly Wireless Headphones “Your World Your Sound”

    Introducing the new XX Series HA-XC70BT Truly Wireless Headphones for young people with street style. The headphones are based on the concept of “ Your World  Your Sound”. The HA-XC70BT features a tough body and extreme bass sound which makes a great match for an active young lifestyle!

    Tough body with Anti-shock rubber protector

    The tough rubber protector strongly

     guards the housing from external shocks

     while the ergonomically angled design ensures

     comfortable fit. The headphones are supplied with

    3 different size earbuds for a secure and

    comfortable fit.

    Extreme Deep Bass Port & Bass boost function

    The HA-XC70BT features explosive and ultimate bass sound with a unique 

    “Extreme Deep Bass Port” design and Bass boost function.


    1. Bass Boost Switch

    2. Extreme Deep Bass Port

    Truly wireless with long playback capability

    The HA-XC70BT provides a 3-hour battery life per charge. With a charging case that can charge the headphones 3 times over,you have a total of 12 hours listening time!




    •Depending on condition.

    Free smartphone app JVC Headphones Manager

    “JVC Headphones Manager” is a

    convenient and reliable support app

    for the JVC Truly Wireless Headphones.

    Even if you drop HA-XC70BT at night, the FIND function will help you locate them by emitting a beep sound and LED flashing light.



    • Completely Wireless headphones with ultimate Bass Sound
    • Extreme Deep Bass Port
    • Bass boost function
    • New antenna for stable connectivity
    • Anti-shock Rubber Protector
    • Up to 3 hours + 9 hours (Charging case) battery life
    • Voice assistant compatible
      Τεχνικές Προδιαγραφές

      HA-XC70BT - Wireless inner-ear headphones

      Περιοχή μετάδοσης
      Περ. 10 m
      Μονάδα οδήγησης
      Τύπος μαγνήτη
      Απόκριση Συχνοτήτων
      20-20.000 Hz
      Ονομαστική αντίσταση
      16 ohms
      Επαναφορτιζόμενη Μπαταρία
      Διάρκεια μπαταρίας (κατά προσέγγ.)
      3h/2h(charge time) / Case
      Βάρος (χωρίς καλώδιο)
      5.6g *one side
      Χειριστήριο με ένα πλήκτρο και μικρόφωνο
      remote (via Bluetooth), volume +/-, power
      Έκδοση Bluetooth
      4.2 (class2)
      Προφίλ Bluetooth
      Υποστηρίζει κωδικοποιητή
      SBC/AAC (Only iPhone can use AAC)
      Carrying/Charging case, Charging cable(Micro USB) / ear piece : 3 pairs (small,medium,large)

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